“It’s not my style” lie caught… Trump to pay 6.6 billion won

A jury at the Southern District Court in New York ruled that former fashion columnist E. Jean Carroll (79) should pay former President Trump 5 million dollars (about 6.62 billion won) in a civil lawsuit against former President Trump. The jury determined that former President Trump had sexually harassed Carol, and in the process of denying the allegations, had damaged Carol’s honor.

The British daily Telegraph analyzed that former President Trump’s video testimony was a factor that led to the defeat. Former President Trump did not 스포츠중계 appear in court during the trial period of about two weeks and claimed innocence through video testimony.

According to reports, former President Trump said, “That’s Marla. My wife,” looking at a photo of plaintiff Carol and his first wife, Ivana, during video testimony ahead of the trial.

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